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Hello and welcome to Real Futons, offering quality futons in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Darwin, Hobart and Adelaide nationwide throughout Australia.

We supply Australian Made goods made from Natural Fibers, Latex, Cotton, Wool, and Hardwood throughout Australia.

We pride ourselves on the manufacture of quality handmade Futon Mattresses and Bed Bases. At our factory in Collingwood you can see how we make our mattresses using pure wool, natural latex, cotton fibres and fabrics, and bases crafted from sustainable Tasmanian Oak hardwood. You can choose from a selection of Futon Mattresses ranging from firm to soft and our Bed Bases come in a low, mid and high style, with sizes from single to king.

Environmentally sound, ecologically sustainable and with a low carbon footprint, At Real Futons you'll find a quality Bed Base, Futon Mattress or Sofa Bed to suit your taste and budget and you'll be doing the planet a favour

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