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We are one of the leading futons and couch manufacturer supplying couches, furniture, bed folds throughout Australia including Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Hobart, Adelaide, Darwin.

We have three styles of folding couch beds at Real Futons, the “Tri – Fold”, “Lounger” and the “Bi – Fold”. All are constructed with the same Tasmanian Oak hardwood used in our bed bases, tripled nailed and glued using a heavy duty marine grade glue. The three styles have heavy gauge hinge sytems designed to last and are unique to Real Futons.

Beautifully simple in design, our couch beds are versatile, sturdy and very comfortable. They are designed to be un-folded and folded in an easy action by one person. We also carry a range of washable covers that you can use to change the look of your couch or sofa.

Tri – Fold

Our Tri-fold couch bed, folds from a bed in three segments to form a couch occupying a third of the floor space. Available in single, double, queen, king or a custom size, it can be folded from the couch position to a bed in just a few moments using one hand. The tri fold is sold with a removable arm set and one of our chemical free and non toxic stains.


Our Lounger is a wonderfully flexible piece of furniture. It can be folded in the style of a chaise lounge, flat into a bed or into a couch position similar to the tri – fold. It is also stained using one of our natural non toxic lacquers and available in a single, double, queen, king or custom size.

Bi – Fold

The Bi - Fold has two folding segments and incorprates our unique hinge system which   enables it to move from a couch to a bed in one easy action. It is available in a double or queen size and like all our furniture is constructed using solid Tasmanian Oak hardwood. It has been designed and built to last we call it “an antique of the future”.

Select your style of couch and then choose one of the mattresses from our range to suit your comfort and budget requirements. However, regardless of which mattress you choose you are guaranteed a very comfortable couch to sit on and an excellent nights sleep when unfolded as a bed.

Contact Real Futons today for your new couch beds, bed folds, or mattresses. Futons Delivery can be arranged throughout Australia in Melbourne, Adelaide, Darwin, Sydney and more.


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